Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Safety of the Bunker

Good shot of our bunker. One for each hut or "Hooch" The huts normally held 8 Marines and it was a constant job keeping them in repair. There is an entrance at each end of the bunker as there is a door likewise on each hooch. It took us a matter of seconds to get in there once the sirens went off.

Me and Larry

One of the better of the 3 Vietnamese work crew I had to guard while they were on base. I trusted him more so then the others.

Looking West

From Battalion area looking west. At night we kept LP's or Listening Posts in these Mts. 1 Marine and a radio. His job was to report any unusual activity or noises he heard. Orders were "Not to engage the enemy"

A Son is Born

This was the notification I received from the Red Cross informing me my son, Scott was born. This was a very hard time for me once I started to see the pictures of him and my wife, Darlene.

Chieu Hoi-Safe Conduct Pass

This pass was dropped over areas that was believed to have heavy enemy concentration
Chieu Hoi meant "Open Arms". One afternoon as 3 of us stood Guard Duty on a Road post, we saw a young Vietnamese male dressed in his "Sunday-goin-to meetin"clothes approach our roadpost. Since I had the highest rank at that time it was up to me to handle the situation. In the few words of Vietnamese I knew I said Stop! Then motioned to get down. I saw he had this pass in his hand, but was afraid he had mines or explosives on him. I walked around to satisfy myself he was clear and told the other 2 Marines covering me to call the Sgt. of the Guard and Officer of the day. In a short time they arrived with 2 Kit Carson Scouts. ( Kit Carson Scout was a Viet Cong or Nva that came over to our side) They Blindfolded him tied his hands behind his back and to his ankles. Every time the Vietnamese went by him they kicked him--I guess to show us how loyal they were.
Once they left we moved him over into the shade and gave him water. 10 min. Before we would have shot him, but he was helpless and had surrendered, there was no call for that action at that time. He was picked up an hour lated and taken away. I kept that Pass.