Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Hooch, the Bunker & me.

Couple items I'd like to point out. I. If you notice on the roof are sandbags, it's not because some Marine had 1 too many, it's serves as a practical function. It holds the roof down in the winds of the Monsoons. Each bag has a cord tied on it with another bag on the other side. II. This is the bunker we used when the sirens went off usually during the night. We scooped up all our gear( Rifle,ammo,flak jacket,helmet,clothing & boots, 782 or Webbed gear ) and beat it to this bunker where we got dressed. We piled all these articles together before we went to sleep. III. The sandals I'm wearing were called Ho Chi Mihn Sandals. We bought them from the locals and were made from tires. I brought them home with me and not only did they last the remainder of my tour in the Marine Corps, but I had them at home and my wife kept asking me when I was going to get rid of those God-awful things. One day they went missing ! Wonder what happened ?