Sunday, December 18, 2005

Super Towers

These bunkers were lovingly called "Super Towers". The view was fabulous, but for some reason the exposure took away the panoramic beauty. Let me try to explain. Looking at it now,one would think, Boy, I'll bet he was able to get a nice view and he certainly did, but he made one great target!...... The treeline to the right of the picture was almost a click away. Klick= Kilometer or 1,000 meters and yes, close enough to be hit by a Sniper. NVA and Viet Cong did have some good shooters (some). There's a book out now which I believe is called "Marine Corps Sniper" which tends to tell the tale of Gy/Sgt Carlos Hatchcock whom I think had 93 confirmed kills. Gunney Hatchcock was only one of many great guys that saved the lives of many of our Troops over there. It makes for interesting reading.