Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Curly, Larry & Moe

Curly, Larry & Moe isn't meant to be a degrading remark. It's the way I could tell them appart. These 3 locals were allowed to work on the base, but had to have a Marine guard with them at all times................... If I wanted something done, I couldn't tell them all. I had to tell Papa-sahn, to the right as we look at the picture, whom in turn would assign the jobs. It was done as a matter of respect. Moe & Larry I trusted. Curly, I had no trust in whatsoever. I would try to give them small articles of food or nails, objects that meant nothing to us but the world to them. I would escourt them to the roadpost so they wouldn't be searched by the other Marines. These people were so poor they couldn't pay attention !