Friday, September 23, 2005

Facing Route 1

Our eastern perimeter facing Route 1 which is hard to see in this picture, but was one of the main arteries in Vietnam. You had to put rocks in your pockets before the mosquitoes carried you away. One night I heard voices and looked outside and saw two mosquitoes , one was 3 ft. tall, the other about two. The smaller one said to the bigger one. "Should we eat him here or take him in the woods ? The larger one said , we better eat him here, 'cuz if we take him in the woods the big ones will get him ! "

Our Back Yard

Just a brief shot of the back of our huts. The Battalion was very big but we confined ourselves to this area. Nice hike over those mountains, I have a hard time making it to the front door now !

The Virtual Wall

The Virtual Wall is a link for those individuals that would be interested in searching the wall for names of loved ones or anyone that might be willing to see what and how much work has gone into the Wall itself and the people who contributed to web sites and the thousands of hours involved. These are actual pictures that were taken and put into these web sites. Then you can get a rubbing on a post card as a gift to anyone that might be interested. Please be advised: This author receives no renumeration from pointing out these sites.