Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Curly, Larry & Moe

Curly, Larry & Moe isn't meant to be a degrading remark. It's the way I could tell them appart. These 3 locals were allowed to work on the base, but had to have a Marine guard with them at all times................... If I wanted something done, I couldn't tell them all. I had to tell Papa-sahn, to the right as we look at the picture, whom in turn would assign the jobs. It was done as a matter of respect. Moe & Larry I trusted. Curly, I had no trust in whatsoever. I would try to give them small articles of food or nails, objects that meant nothing to us but the world to them. I would escourt them to the roadpost so they wouldn't be searched by the other Marines. These people were so poor they couldn't pay attention !


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Thanks Jack,This is an old post I put on my blog when you dropped by.Couldn't reach you till now at the time you had no comments section or any contact info........... you need to go to your blog dashboard settings and customize it. such as activate comments ,your profile ect.It takes a little time , but after you get used to it you'll pick it up fast.I would also suggest a photo service, some are even free and have many editing features. Your photos, which I like, would look much better if you store them on another site and run links in the blog. It may sound complicated , but it'll get easier as you go along.If you can also try renaming your URL to something like http://vietnaminpictures.blogspot.com
this will give your site a better standing in search engines. Good luck with the site you're off to a good start, keep at it.

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Jack I put one of your photos on my smugmug site for you to see the difference you can make in upgrading the faded photos. The original & the reworked by me in IrfanView , a free program.Hope you don't mind me reworking them. You can leave a comment on the site so I know you've seen them and then I'll take it down. Copy the rework if you'd like....after all it's yours. Here's the site address to your pics:


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