Friday, October 14, 2005

A Sight for sore eyes

When I was in Battalion Area, this was my corner of the world. A bit Spartan, but nevertheless, a place to lay your head. A brief explanation might be in order of what exactly you're looking at.

On the left was my towel drying out.

That white bag was my laundry bag. All dirty clothes.

That Metal tray was our Mess Tray with utensils, (that's what we ate off)

The Jacket hanging is my Flak Jacket or (Body Armor) as it was called by some.

The shelf above the cot was were we kept some small articles. Talcum powder, foot power, insect repellent and a can of WD-40 ( Only thing that would keep our weapons from rusting overnight, because of high humidity, then Monsoons) When I first arrived in Vietnam we only had one can of WD-40 for the 8 guys in our Hooch & kept it under lock and key. Then everyone was writing home and most people had it. Not being a Military oil we weren't allowed to use it. Everyone turned their heads, cuz it worked so well & still does. I must have a dozen cans in my house.

The cot below was an air mattress on a canvas cot, covered with a wool blanket. You were so tired you'd be able to sleep anywhere. In this picture the Mosquito net wasn't in place, but was often used.