Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jim-Old beyond his age

Tim and Jim always called me Jackie-sahn and asked before they took anything. I think I made a mistake when Jim asked me if he could have one of my Camels. I thought he'd take a puff, choke on it and never ask again. Boy ! Was I wrong. Everytime I'd look he'd have one of my cigarettes in his mouth. As I get older and have 5 Grand-Children of my own. I think about them a lot and wonder if I'd ever be able to bring them back to the world and what would become of them after an education. I guess this is something I'll never know.


Blogger Richie said...

this picture shocks me a lot when i see it. during china's anti-japan war in 1930-40s, the CCP used to make children form a league to sentry or communicate. nice pictures, i have added u to my favorate links. hope more guys see these.

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