Thursday, September 22, 2005

Tim and Jim

These were 2 of the nicest, most polite children I knew. I never saw them with shoes and they wore the same clothes everyday and not once did I ever hear them say " I'm Bored " or "How about driving me to the mall ?" I pulled guard duty all night, took a shower, grabbed a bite to eat and then had guard duty on the road post. Needless to say I was tired. I fell asleep standing up taking a shower. When I would go in the road post to get out of the sun, Hmmm! Tim & Jim would tell me when a vehicle was coming and for that I'd give them a whole $.05 I loved those kids !........ If they are alive today they would be in their 40's. Shortly after this picture was taken, I shipped out. I never saw them again. ---Jack--- As a point of interest: In Vietnamese Culture, when a male child was born they would dress him as a girl, long hair, earrings and all. The reason: A male child was worth more then a female. By dressing the male as a female the evil spirits would be fooled and not do any harm to the child. Also, upon entering any Vietnamese house or building there would be a mirror placed straight ahead where you couldn't help but see yourself. Reason: If an evil spirit entered the building, it would see itself in the mirror, get scared and leave without entering the house.


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