Thursday, September 22, 2005

Da Nang from afar

From this picture Da Nang seems to be app. 12 to 15 miles away as the crow flies. You can see the white sand starting early on quite far from the water. I have no explanation. Viet Nam was a beautiful country of many contrasts. Mountains, sand, ocean, jungle. The jungle was so heavy in some places it had triple canopy. It had 3 layers of vegetation where it would be impossible to see the ground from the air, thus the reason for Agent Orange to defoliate so our pilots could see better. I know this isn't spoken of much, however Viet Nam had many natural resources. Rubber, sugar, oil, minerals, rice, lumber et al. Probably the reason so many countries wanted this piece of property. China, Japan, France, America, just to name a few.


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